The Challenge:

A County’s Board of Developmental Disabilities relies on its SSAs to be a point of contact for individuals who need assistance with developmental, mobility, or other healthcare-related issues. Matching clients with the appropriate service provider is a necessary yet overwhelming, time-consuming task, especially when navigating the complex procedures and regulations dictated by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

It’s the agency’s responsibility to ensure the client’s rights are protected and they have a free choice of providers. At the same time, they have to make sure clients get the care and services they request and needed by a specified deadline. The agency must also accurately evaluate and confirm the provider is qualified with all necessary credentials, while also ensuring the provider’s availability.

There needs to be an easy way for providers to show their interest. Equity must be maintained between all qualified and certified providers, giving each of them an equal chance to join and bid on client requests.

Complying with these requirements can put hurdles between individuals and them getting the care they need. With a simplified and streamlined process, agencies can broaden their reach to assist more clients, give each individual tailored care, and ultimately save time, resources, and money that can be used to help even more people.